MATHILDE WALTER CLARK is a writer of novels, short stories and essays. She was born in 1970 Copenhagen and grew up in Denmark with her Danish mother, and from the age of 11 spent summers with her American father and his family in St. Louis, USA. In her 20's she earned a Master’s Degree in Danish and Philosophy from Roskilde and New York University. Her first novel, Thorsten Madsens Ego, written from the perspective of the protagonist’s ego, was published in 2004. In 2006 she recieved Discovery of the Year Prize from the Carlsberg Foundation and the 3-year Scholarship from the Danish Art Foundation. Her breakthrough novel Lone Star from 2018 was awarded by The Danish Art Foundation, and was nominated for The Danish Broadcasting Cooperation’s Novel Award in 2019. Lone Star was published in the US by Deep Vellum Publishing in 2021. In 2020 followed a book of personal essays Huset uden ende (The House With No End), to great critical acclaim. In 2023 she published two bestselling books on animals, the essay Hvordan man laver dyr (How to Make Animals) and Det blinde øje (A Blind Eye), a the genre-defying work which Weekendavisen called "an eminent hybrid between novel, essay and investigative journalism" and was named "one of the most important books of the year," by Kristeligt Dagblad. It is nominated to Politikens Literature Prize, the Montana Prize, the Critics Award and the winner of Weekendavisen’s Literature Prize.

Her books, short stories and essays have been published in USA, Norway, Serbia, China, India and Germany.

Selected interviews in English

Mathilde Walter Clark and Deep Vellum's Will Evans in conversation about Lone Star. The Rope Walker Podcast

Mathew Davis talks with translator K.E. Semmel and Mathilde Walter Clark about Lone Star. Globally Lit

An Interview With Mathilde Walter Clark. Read To Write Stories

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Works in English translation

2021 • Lone Star. Novel. Deep Vellum
2015 • "The Ambassador". Asymptote
2014 • "Report from the Flatlands of Statistics".
Essay. LA Review of Books
2012 • "The Fish Shop Owner’s Wife". Short story. The Iowa Review
2011 • "The Disappearance of Things".
Short story. Chattanooga Review
2008 • "From The Trash Can of Poetry".
short story. The Literary Review
2008 • "The Writer".
Short story. Absinthe: New European Writing
2007 • "Thank You For The River".
Short story. Connotations

Translated works in other languages

2020.Lone Star. Dereta. Serbia.
2013. Gips. (Norwegian). Novel. Vigmostad & Bjørke. Norway.
2013. "Rasmus Rask". (Bulgarian). Short story. Roboread. Bulgaria.
2011. Priapus. (Norwegian). Novel. Piratforlaget. Norway.
2011. "Aeeeiii Eiiiaaa". (Chinese). Short story. Park Literary Review. China.
2009. "Aeeeiii Eiiiaaa". (German). Nachtlandschaften. Neue nordische Novellen III. Ed. Christine Nickel und Tilo Freitag. Saxa Verlag. Berlin. Germany.

Danish bibliography

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2019. Fejring af at godt menneske (Celebration of a Good Person). Stageplay. Mungo Park.

Fellowships & Residencies

2019 Krokodil | Engaging Words. Belgrade, Serbia
2018. 100W Corsicana, Texas, USA.
2016. Swatch Art Peace Hotel. Shanghai, CHina.
2015. CMI Arts Fellowship, Chennai Mathematical Institute. Writer-In-Residence.
2013. Art Omi. Ledig House. New York, USA.
2011.International Writer’s Workshop. Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong.
2010-2011. Sangam House. Bangalore, India.
2009. Hawthornden Literary Retreat. Edinburgh, Scotland.
2009. Circolo Scandinavo. Scandinavian Art House in Rome, Italy.
2006. Island Institute. Sitka, Alaska, USA.
2006. International Writing Program, University of Iowa, USA.
2006. San Cataldo. Amalfi, Italy.
2005. Biskops Arnö, Stockholm, Sweden.
2004, 2005, 2018, 2019. Hald Hovedgaard. Viborg, Denmark.